When in Copenhagen- First steps

Last week, I finally had the possibility to satisfy the travel bug that somehow doesn#t seem to ever let me go.
I had the chance to spent 4 lovely days in the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen- a name which roughly translates to “merchant’s harbour” (from the Danish words Køpmannæ and  havn).
Located in the eastern part of the country, the sun seems to never go down during the summer, and we had more than enough  time to explore every bit of the town. I must admit that I fell in love with this city, which is full of amazing contrasts:

Modern yet full of history and culture.
Up to date with the lates fashion and trends yet traditions and habits are omnipresent.
Futuristic architecture meets tiny crooked, couloured houses.
Buzzing at some places but completely silent at others.
Royal glamour meets hippie-state Christiania.
Put into fewer words: One can simply find everything!
Since we saw far too much to describe in one single post, I split it up into two parts. This one covers the highlights of our first two days- so if you are thinking of visiting Copenhagen, make sure to carefully read both articles!

Our hotel
We stayed in the beautiful Copenhagen Strand Hotel, which is located right in the city’s heart at the harbour front promenade, only a 2- minute- walk away from the incredible colourful Nyhavn. I can not recommend this hotel enough! The room was really cute, with coffee and tea facilities (something Germans are not used to! 😀 ), a great view ontoo the sea and newly renovated. The breakfast buffet offered a huge variety, and I really did not know where to start. Moreover, the staff was very warm and helpful. Make sure to check it out!

This is the are where the famous colourful waterfront is located! Of course, we had to go there immediately after our arrival. Aren’t these houses cute? There are many restaurants located along the promenade, but due to the overwhelming amout of tourists, we did not try any of them.
46Some of the restaurants are even located on boats!4849Also, there is an artwork by Ai Wei Wei commemorating the refugees. These are some of their life vests. 232166After taking countless pictures of the picturesque scene, we wandered through the surrounding streets, finding many  cute shops and ateliers. 535455Where to get lunch

Naturally, all that walking made us hungry. We grabbed a sandwich, smorrebrod, at a really popular food chain called Joe & the Juice. The atmosphere is really cool, and the sandwiches are delicious! The stores can be found literally everywhere, all over town. So if you’re desperate for a wwuick snack, this certainly is always a safe option 🙂5758Amalienborg Slott

The area we were in is full of old, pompous buildings such as the one below.52The most famous of them are probably the 4 palaces of Amalienborg Slott. They were built by 4 different aristocratic families upon the request of the king, who later took them over (remember this strategy in case you’re royal and short of money 😀 ). 59Kopenhagen 597The modern harbourfront

Cloesby, the architecture is quite the opposite. The theatre and the opera both are hiighly modern buildings in the clean Scandinavian design those Northern countries are famous for.5051The little mermaid

Since we were already at the waterfront, it was only a short walk to the famous statue of the little mermaid, the main figure of one of Hans Christian Andersen’s most famous fairytales. The statue itself isn’t that exciting, but the surrounding park is quite pretty, and definitely worth visiting.60616264The Kastellet

Right beside of the park, there is the Kastellet, which is located on a little island in the middle of a sea. It’s really cute, and the area is incredibly peaceful 🙂1265Shopping on the Stroget

Afterwards, we had enough of cultural sites for a while, so we went shopping on the Stroget, one of the world’s longest shopping streets! 5The architecture is so cute, and makes the whole experience a lot better!
Also, Copenhagen is a shopping paradise- you can literally find every brand you want. Personally, I would have wished for more local stores though. 87610162018The round tower

This tower is located on the Stroget, so we didn’t have to walk anywhere to get there (lazy). Of course, a ticket must be purchased to get on top, but the 360° view is definitely worth it!1513An of course, this post would not be complete without some pictures of bikes- the town is full of them! There are many bike lanes all over town, and I wish we had  the same infrastructure in Germany!
However, be careful when crossing the street- they are a serious danger!
One guy told us that the Danish “become vikings when mounting their bikes” 😀911I hope you liked these impressions! Of course, these are only the highlights of our trip! Cute houses, museums, restaurants and bars can be found all over town. There are many food stalls selling organic ice cream, coffee, waffles, crêpes and countless other things, and each ancient building has an interesting story of its own 🙂



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