Browsing around Bamberg

Welcome (back)! Recently, I rediscovered the beauty of all the small and big cities in my area. Thus, I started visiting as many as possible- which turned out to be quite easy, actually, since they are often conveniently located 30 min/ an hour by car away. ย This week, I’m presenting you one of my favourite cities- Bamberg. It’s incredibly beautiful, and has a long history of being an important political and religious site. Moreover, the famous Bavairan purity law for beer stems from there!
For me, this trip not only meant exploring another local gem, but also visiting an old friend- win win situation ๐Ÿ™‚
Fortunately, many ancient buildings have ben preserved until today, and one c an enjoy the amazing architecture and all the paintings when stroolling through the city’s windy roads.

Once more, this won’t be a post with a lot of text. I feel that the pictures tell a story of their own. Therefore, have a close look at them and get carried away in daydreams about the Middle Ages! ๐Ÿ™‚
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