Rediscovering Regensburg

Last weekend, I finally managed to visit a friend of mine in Regensburg. While I had been there before (multiple times, actually), I had never taken a stroll through its windy streets to catch the city’s character in pictures. Maybe that’s the reason why I had never appreciated just how beautiful and unique it truly is.

To be fair: I also had a lot of luck: The weather was awesome (summer time!) and on top of that, there was a huge festival going on all over town whih is only happening every two years. It’s called the “Bürgerfest”, the German word for “citizen’s festival”. For 3 days, from Friday to Sunday, there are market stalls selling everything from food over souvenirs to random items I cannot really identify, accompanied by loads of musicias playing on the countless stages which are installed at every courtyard. I bet you can imagine how great the atmosphere was, right? 🙂

Anyway, don’t worry- this post isn’t supposed to include a lot of text, so I’ll be finished in a few sentences 🙂
For those of you who haven’t been to Germany, or that town in particular: Regensburg is a town in the south of Germany, in the state of Bavaria. Historically, it played an important role politically as well as for Christianity. Hence, there are still a lot of beautiful historical buildings and other sites to be admired today 🙂 %&&TGHE2EU&ZThis sign at a random wall in the city centre shows hw high the tide was in 1988. FGF'HGTRFDIt’s awesome to sit at the shore of the river Donau, enjoy the sun and watch the cute ducks 🙂FSDAPUIPÜÖUThe family Thurn und Taxis is still living in Regensburg today- in the past, they had a monopoly on the post system and up to our day, they are the family who owns the most land in Europe! We visited the huge castle which originally used to be a monastry, but unfortunately, photography is prohibited inside to ensure the privacy of the family. GDHGGFGHDTHGHGHDGW$Reminders of the Bürgerfest.GWERQHDGHJHFGYCHJFGZJIOKTJFHJJKKUILKJMCJZUJKGIKKZUJCLIOLO)OGIUHJOILHOIOLZIOÖÖJPÖOLZIOOTUIRburg 007BCRTDZJFZUThis is only a selection of the countless pictures I took. Nonetheless, I am sure you get an idea of the city’s unique charme.
Make sure to pay it a visit if you happen to be in the area 🙂


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