Crown and Cloud Cushion DIY

Sometimes, I just need to satisfy my inner child. Normal, quadratic cushions are not always my way to go, and sometimes, I just need something a little more playful 🙂 If you’re like me, or are searching for a cute decoration for you child’s room, then  I’ve got your back!

In this post, I am going to share with you how to make a cute cloud and its friend, the crown 🙂
What you need: 

  • Fabric
    the amount depends on the size of your utensilo
  • Scissors
  • A  ruler & a pen
  • Sewing machine
  • Pinning needles
  • Stuffing
  • Needle and  (thick) thread

What to do:

First, you need to draft the patterns of your crown/ cloud respectively.
There are patterns available online at DaWanda (for free!), but actually, you don’t need these at all. I just used a cup and saucer to make the cloud perfect:


berg2017 169berg2017 171berg2017 176The  size of your patterns is entirely up to you. I used the following:

height = 20
width= 40

height: 30 cm
width: 30 cm

To draw the eyes, I simply used the cover of my camera lense to get a perfect circular shape 🙂

Once you’re finished with the patterns, cut them out, draw them onto the fabric and cut these out.
You will need two pieces of fabric per cushion- one for the front and one for the back.

Then, stitch the eyes onto the piece  that you would like to be the front of the cushion.berg2017 179For the opened mouth of the cloud, you can use a piece of black fabric and sew it onto the cushion, or you can simply stitch it, like the eyes. berg2017 178Once this is done, put the two pieces of fabric on top of each other, the pretty sides facing inwards. berg2017 182berg2017 177Then, sew them together, but make sure to leave a bit open.

Afterwards, turn them inside out and stuff them with the stuffing material. By  the way, a little life hack: Just buy cheap cushions from Ikea or the local brick store and cut them open!
This is a lot cheaper than buying loose fabric at a crafts store, and it  works just as well 🙂berg2017 184Once the cushions are stuffed, close the remaining hole by sewing it together per hand (yes, it is tidious, but it looks better in this case, trust me!).

Voilà, you’re done 🙂lkbn 004

If you are not as childish as me, you may just leave out the faces of the cushions.
Naturally, you can also make them even fancier by attaching galloons or other accessories.
I’d say the entire project does not last any longer than an hours per cushion, so it’s a really good idea for those seeking for a creative gift/ decoration and is under time pressure 🙂

I hope you enjoy making these, and make sure to share your creations with me! 🙂


One Comment Add yours

  1. caitpb says:

    These are soo cute and would be a great gift for an expecting mother!


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