Back to the Middle Ages

After enjoying the photography tour through Erlangen, I decided to take my camera with me when I went to Nuremberg only a few days after.
It was a lovely summer evening, and I realised I had never taken any pictures in or of Nuremberg, despite its many historical and architecturally interesting sites.
Nuremberg used to be an important political and economic centre during the Middle Ages, and unfortunately served as an important location during the National Socialism, which led to a lot of destruction during the Second World War. Fortunately, beautiful places such as the big cathedral and the castle were spared during the bombardment.
Therefore, the city centre still allows for many pretty pictures, which I will be sharing with you in this post 🙂NEU5NEU6This fountain displays the different aspects of marriage… Can you tell? 😀 NEU7NEU8Even though not all buildings are that old, they still make up for good pictures 🙂NEU9…And fortunately, there are still plenty of old buildings and traditional shops left 🙂NEU11Many of these cute little stalls selling Bratwurst and Pretzels are located all around the city centre, so you will never starve 🙂NEU12Of course, there isn’t a shortage of beer, either 🙂 There are many local breweries, and you will have difficulties choosing one of the many different flavours. NEU27Beergardens are not only found in the green spaces in and around the city, but also in the very centre 🙂NEUySome of them are located in beautiful places next to the river side, in medieval buildings that make the atmosphere even better!NEU34Of course, there are also many of the old beer caves remaining. The door to this one is tiny (can you tell when comparing it to the chairs?) but it’s not very visible in this photos as the waiter is also quite small 😀 NEU14Street artists create a relaxed and joyful atmosphere. NEu15NEU31NEU10The old cathedral, an architectural gem. NEU13NEUxNEu33But also the other, smaller and less impressive buildings are really cute. NEU32NEU22In my opinion, the town hall might as well be located in London 🙂 NEU23There is an artificial volleyball court in the middle of the city, surrounded by ancient buildings- could any location be cooler?NEU20On the very same place (which, by the way, is the city’s market place), is a famous fountain. In the fence surrounding it, you can find a golden ring. Legend says that turning it will bring you luck and prosperity. NEU21However, even if this isn’t true, the fountain itself is still worth a visit due to its amazing decoration, the many facets to discover and the beautiful colours. NEU19Another place worth visiting is Nuremberg’s medieval castle. The picture below displays the street leading up to it. NEU28Inside the castle’s courtyard. NEU26NEU24While the castle itself is rather unexiting (as it is often the case of medieval castles, as their architecture tends to be rather simple and functional), the view to be enjoyed from its walls is absolutely stunning!NEU25Another beautiful view is to be enjoyed when looking down onto the river from one of the many bridges connecting the castle with the rest of the city centre. NEU30On a small island on the river, a really cool attraction is to be found during the summer period: The famous Nuremberg city beach! Tons of sand are shoveled onto the ground each year, a pool, bars and even wooden walkways are installed on top of it and beach chairs and small palm trees make the picture complete. NEU35NEU41NEU36Of course, stalls with the typical German ginger bread hearts and fruit bowls are a must-have! 🙂NEU37NEU38We finished our stroll there, enjyoing a cold and refreshing beer and the last sun rays of the day 🙂NEU40NEU39

I hope you enjoyed this little journey through this amazing (and completely under-rated) city. Note that this was nothing but a glimpse into the city’s countless facets. There are so many more things to explore, for example the medievall caves, the theatre and other historical sites 🙂



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