Changing things up

When I am at home in Germany, it’s part of my morning routine to read the local newspaper. The other day, I found a little note about an “Instawalk” through the city- that’s basically a stroll through town to take aesthetically pleasing photos, for example for Instagram. Having just returned from an entire year abroad, I found that participating at such an event would be a good idea in order to fully appreciate being back in my hometown, Erlangen.
It turned out to be a wise decision- not only did I visit the tower of one of the oldest churches in Erlangen, the Hugenottenkirche, established in 1868, but I also managed to take some nice pictures of the city centre for the very first time. I guess it’s due to my laziness that I never really took pictures of my daily surroundings- I am usually more interested in documenting new places.

Since last post did not feature a lot of visual content, this one will be another picture journey. Enjoy exploring my hometown!NEU17nEU$The pipe organ in the HugenottenkircheNEU5

One of the ancient bells in the tower of the church

NEU25Walking up all the stairs to the top of the tower was definitely worth it! Top: The bus station from above. Bottom: The old town of Erlangen.IMG_9178After visiting the curch, we went to the market place in front of the city hall. NEU6NEU12NEU11NEu10NEU24Then, we made our way to the park- naturally, the obilgatory picture of the Orangerie was taken 🙂NEU8After that, we visited my favourite part of the city. It’s only a few small roads, full of rather small restaurants, cafés and shops, which are really cute and totally underrated in my opinion!NEU7NEU13IMG_9265IMG_9259IMG_9243NEU14NEU15NEU16NEU18After the tour, I met up with a friend of mine to go for a little shopping trip, Hence, the following pictures are taken in the modern city centre of Erlangen. Below: The main shopping street. NEU19One of my favourite shops: The Bierothek, a shop selling the weirdest beers!NEU22NEU21Art performances make the whole scenery more interesting 🙂NEu20The lady’s bag says “The people are already staring”. I love this picture, as we were all taking pictures of her dogs- hence, the bag is sort of ironical 😀 NEU23

I really liked the idea of the Instawalk, and I met some very nice people. Hence, I am already looking forward to the next one, and cannot wait to share the resulting pictures with you! However, next time I will take my DSLR camera with me. This time, I only had my phone since I associate Instagram with mobile devices, and not with professional photography (big mistake, I know now).

I hope you enjoyed visiting my home town today 🙂 I came to realise just how pretty it is, even though it can be boring at times. What abotu you? Do you like the city you were born in, or are you glad you moved away/ wish to move away as soon as possible?


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