Home, Sweet Home

“You’re so lucky! You get to travel all the time! It’s so boring around here.” I get this kind of comments all the time. While they are completely right in the sense that I am very fortunate to be able to see so much of the world at such a young age, there are 2 major flaws in this statement:

1) I do not travel all the time- I don’t see a new place on a daily basis. Instead , I move to new places sometimes. This means that these places become my routine, my daily life, just as if I were to stay in Germany.

2) Home seems to be highly underrated! Yes, the daily routine may be boring, but the place itself surely isn’t. I feel that every place has something special to offer- and just as much, every place can be absolutely boring. It always depends on how you approach it. Frankly, before I had moved away for the first time, I thought exactly the same. By now, I realised how beautiful home is. Firstly, it’s where all your old friends and family are- the people who know you best! Secondly, it’s the place where you can be entirely comfortable. You know where to go when you need something, you know how to get anywhere.
Of course, not knowing these things and exploring new places has a certain thrill to it, but sometimes, just knowing where you’re at is quite nice, too.

However, as I come back from travelling, I always see my home with completely different eyes- after my first stay abroad, it suddendly occured to me how fortunate I am to have grown up where I did! I started realising how beautiful my home is. As I am aware of the fact that many people aren’t, and because I feel it’s a bit unfair to keep praising foreign places while not even mentioning my roots, here is a little tribute to Frankonia 🙂

Frankonia is located in the Northern part of Bavaria, the southernmost state of Germany. There, you can find beautiful cities with amazing ancient architecture, reminding you of the Middle Ages:
Consider, for example, this beautiful house in the middle of a bridge in Bamberg! The whole town was fortunate enough to remain rather untouched by the Second World War- hence, many ancient buildings are still there nowadays. Moreover, this town is famous for its “Rauchbier” called Schlenkerla– a beer which is being made accoridng to the same recipe ever since 1405! By the way, did you know that the German purity law, the one and only reason why German beer has such a high quality standard, has been established here in 1489? In fact, this is why Bamberg is often called the “home of the beer”. IMG_9821

Just as beautiful as Bamberg, and just as historically significant is Nuremberg, which used to be the capital of what is now know as Germany. Just like in Bamberg, there are many beautiful historical buildings to be admired, as well as there is a prominent castle on top of a hill in the middle of the city centre. Also, make sure to check out the spooky caves,w here the beer was stored hundreds of years ago.

Yup, as you can tell, in Frankonia, beer plays quite an important role 🙂

In fact, beer is so important, that there are beer festivals EVERYWHERE during summer. Every village has its own, usually lasting for around 2-4 days (usually over the weekend), the most famous ones certainly being the Bergkirchweih in Erlangen and the Annafest in Forcheim. fsd 219fsd 223The view from Nuremberg Castle onto the historical city centre. jjhk 135During the summer period, an artifical beach is created on the shore of the river flowing through Nuremberg- the renowed Stadtstrand (= city beach ). There, temporary bars are established and you can really get into this ocean-sea- beach feeling 🙂 The onyl thing missing is the salty breeze, but after a few refreshing cocktails, you don’t notice it anymore 😀

But not only during the summer months, one can have a good time in Frankonia! The same is absolutely possible during the dark winter months. In December, during the weeks leading up to Christmas, there are CHristmas markets all over the place! Each city has its own (or two or three), the most famous one surely being the Christkindlesmarkt in  Nuremberg, which is beautifully located at the foot of the castle montain.
The picture below was taken on the market in Forcheim, were you can find one of th ebiggest advent calendars of the world! The entire town hall is converted into such a calendar. Each day at 7 pm, one of the windows is opened, and the Christkind (a sort of angel in a white dress and with golden hair) reads a little story.+

lalala 059Another town you should definitely check out is Würzburg, in the Northern part of the region, beautifully located in a sunny valley. BEsides its history and stunnning architecture, this city is especially attractive when you are looking for some nice boutiques/ non-chain stores to shop! gj 139

But not only the cities are pretty- nature is, too! Te picture below was taken on a sunny summer evening while citting in a beer garden- of which Frankonia has countless, by the way! Almost every village has at least one 🙂IMG_0358Hay Balls are pretty cool for climbing, in case you didn’t know! 😀IMG_1640Another pretty summer-shot. IMG_0375But not only the summers are nice, autumn is, too:IMG_0265lll 711IMG_1220Winter, as cold as it may be, has its pretty sides as well:,, 280Another thing I love doing in the summer: Go picking strawberries! There are many fields all around the area, and for very little money, you can either get a basket the field owners have already assembled, or for even less, you can get picking yourself. We usually pick ourselves- that way, they are the freshest, and we know for sure that they are all high-quality. Moreover, we tend to use them for making strawberry jam- for that, you need A LOT of berries! Hence, the amount of money you save when picking yourself is considerable. Plus, I somehow really enjoy doing it 🙂lll 395Also, there is always a cool festiavl to go to during summertime:holi 011And Frankonia has mountains, too!
When visiting the region, definitelly make sure to check out the Fränkische Schweiz! There is so much to see! There are rivers (such as the Althmühl and Pegnitz) to go kayaking on, mountains you can climb on…fsd 202…in order to get stunning views:fsd 200There are castles like in a fairytale:august 2015 052And caves which are even more magic:august 2015 079Edgy pictures can be taken anywhere (just in case you want to 😀 )fsd 177And there will always be something cool to see when you go hiking!august 2015 131If you stay late enough, you may even get to see this:gh 011And if you’re brave enough, you can feel pure freedom on top of a rock 🙂IMG_0814

As every travel post, this is naturally only a shallow representation- far too brief and too general to show what it’s really like. In fact, I could do a separate post for every single topic I touched upon. Maybe I’ll cover those in the future. For now, I hope you got a vague idea of how beautiful Frankonia is. Maybe I even got you thinking? I’d love to hear what’s special about your home!


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