Spring in Scotland!

Spring is when life’s alive in evertyhing.

This quote by Christina Rosetti has never been more relevant to me than it is now.
I like winters.
I actually don’t mind the darkness- usually.
I don’t really mind the cold either- usually.
I did, however, mind them very much in Edinburgh. Firstly, because I had just come from the heat and permanent sunshine in Singapore. Getting used to the cold European winter would have been difficult anywhere. But in Scotland, there are numerous other factors making the adaption process even harder: The icy wind, for example, which never seizes to suprise me: Whenever I think it cannot get any harsher, it does. And it never fades- it’s always there, even on the prettiest of spring days (it’s just not as harmful).
Moreover, the rain in combination with the humidity and the omnipresent wind create a rather horrible climate. I was pretty much ill throughout the entire winter.
And even worse, the beauty of cristal clear air and sunshine making the snow cristals sparkle is missing- while it is cold, it’s not cold enough for that.
Plus, the darkness is even worse down here than in Germany.
In summary, all the disadvantages seem to come without a single advantage (aside from the fact that staying inside your cozy bad and being lazy all day suddendly seems to be not that bad, after all).

And now, finally, at last, spring has arrived!
I have never appreciated it more. I have never seen nature exploding as much as it does down here. It literally seems as if someone had gone over all the trees and plants with a brush and gave them a new layer of paint. I wake up from the birds singing next to my window, and even at 6 am, it is already bright outside.
I am fortunate enough to live next to the beautiful walkway of the Waters of Leith, and the other day, I decided to seize the hours of sunshine to get out my camera and catch some of my impressions on my SD card (I would have said “on film”, but that doesn’t apply anymore- welcome to the digital age 😀 ).
Since most of my posts about Scotland are looking terribly dark (because that’s essentially what winters are like down here), I wanted to show you that Scotland, in fact, is an absolutely beautiful country! Enjoy 🙂spring 022spring 113spring 016Frühlling 137spring 038spring 046spring 074spring 052spring 040spring 075spring 078spring 086spring 089spring 068365 131spring 108IMG_1220Bare in mind, that all these photos were taken on a walk of a length of no more than 2 km! The diversity of nature is truly incredible down here 🙂


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