On Safari in Namibia

The last trip we’ve done as a whole family was Namibia. It was special in so many ways- this country has just so many facets to explore!

The nature is incredibe. I was amazed by how diverse the wildlife is in what seems to be a rather hostile environment. When looking carefully, Oryx, gnus and other deer is hiding everywhere, in perfect camouflage with the beige-ish flora aroun them. Digging a few centimetres down into the hot sand of the Namib desert revealled colourful lizards, tiny snakes, spiders and other insects.
Since the country is widely abandoned, places for tourists to sleep must be established specifically for that purpose. Hence, there are only two choices: Either you go for the basic camping style, or you go for the opposite: Rather fancy, almost luxurious hotels and bungalows. We did the latter, which certainly added to the amazing experience.
But my favourite memories will always be the fantastic sunrises and sunsets we could watch from the top of the dunes, the moments where huge herds of zebras, girrafes and deer ran away from whater holes in perfect unity due to the arrival of a lion (the earth was trembling!) and the time I was riding on the back of a horse alongside with a herd of zebras through a dried river bed.
This trip cannot be described in words. Hence, enjoy the impressions I caught with my camera, and be amazed by the beauty of Mother Africa!

IMG_2862This was the view we were fortunate enough to enjoy every evening from the terrace of our bungalow in the Namib desert.

IMG_0400IMG_2649Himba women selling hand-made jewellery in the country’s capital, Windhoek.

IMG_3002A deserted salt lake hidden inbetween huge dunes in the Namib desert.

IMG_3526A stunning lizard living in the hot sand of the dunes. Be careful where you place your feet!
IMG_0364These tiny birds seem to prefer big homes 🙂

IMG_2784On this picture, it isn’t really apparent how tall these birds are!


A rare event: A rhino visiting a water hole in the early evening, The earth is trembling when it walks!

IMG_0513When swimming in the pool, we usually had some visitors 🙂

IMG_0451The same holds true for dinner on the terrace: These cheeky guys were always looking out for some food.

Eating makes tired- this lion family takes some rest after a huge feast (close-ups reveal the remainders of their meal, but I wanted to spare you from that).

IMG_3129The wildlife at the coast is just as diverse as it is in the desert!

IMG_0378Car vs. Elephant. Traffic rules don’t count in Etosha National Park. IMG_3447IMG_0467If you thought the desert isn’t colourful- think again.

IMG_0025I find this one could well be incorporated in a meme 🙂IMG_2879IMG_0128IMG_0186IMG_0270.JPGI actually have a lot of pictures of giraffes- they just always look so odd in their environment- like huge, stick-thin towers, and I only wanted to show a pretty one. The funniest thing is watching them drink 😀


I can confidently say this was one of the most amazing trips I’ve ever done. The infrastructure of Namibia is relatively good for an African country, which makes travelling pretty easy. If you ever get the chance, check it out! If you’d like me to provide some more tips about what to do, where to go and how to plan the trip, let me know and I’ll be more than happy to share my experiences 🙂


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