21 Facts about me

There seems to be a thing going on where people post 50 facts about themselves.

While I do want to make this blog more personal, I don’t want to bore you with such a huge chunk of information. As I recently turned 21, I thought that would be a good amount of facts, so here we go!

Disclaimer: The order does not mean anything at all. I just scribbled them down as they popped up in my mind.

1. I love horseriding.
I started when I was 11 with weekly lessons, before starting to take care of a horse and basically living in the stable. Unfortunately, it turns out that it’s not the most ideal hobby when you keep moving to different places. Hence, I haven’t done it in ages, but I miss it dearly every day! I just love being outside, getting fresh air, and having another soul with which you completely connect during the ride. IMG_1571

2. I am a huge nerd.
I love reading- and I actually enjoy writing, I just struggle to find a topic to write about. But I am incredibly fussy. For some reason, I unconsciously notice if a text is written in a bad/ too simple style, if there are grammatical errors or if it just is not my cup of tea. Either way, I usually stop immediately- I just cannot take it. My friends benefit from that though- I am the first contact when they need someone to proof-read job applications, essays and other courseworks.
This topic leads me to the next point:

3. I love Harry Potter.
I grew up with the young wizard and his magical universe. I would wait impatiently until the next book was released in German, and I’d buy it on the very same day. I used to play Harry Potter with my friends as often as they were willing to join in- experiencing adventures, editing pictures so that it looked as if we were riding broomsticks in the sky, and creating weird potions.

4. I am a workaholic.
I cannot stand boredom. This is certainly something I have to work on- and I am already getting better. I started working besides of High School despite already doing two A-Levels simultaneously, because I felt that I had enough time for it- and yes, I was going partying, went horseriding and took guitar lessons. Currently, I am working at a Costa branch because I actually get depressed when I have too little to do. Even when I am ill, I do handcrafts to feel productive. The worst feeling, in my opinion, is to go to bed and not knowing what I achieved on that day.

5. I am very honest.
I often get told by British people that I am incredibly straight forward. While one might argue now that Britains are known for using euphemisms wherever possible (“I am not quite sure about that”= “What bull**** are you talking about?!”. “That’s wonderful!” = “It’s alright.”), I get told the same thing by Germans or any other nationalities. I just don’t see a point in talking around the obvious. I am getting better at being a bit more democratic though. It”s just necessary when working in a team .

6. I always wanted to become a vet.

I love animals- all of them, except spiders. I always wanted to become a vet. I did several internships and even carried out castrations myself. I only hesited due to the fact that I had an ideal which I did not want to give up for working in a shared clinic. But I also didn’t want to start my own business. I postponed the decision until I missed the application deadline- I took it as a sign that it just wasn not right for me. Looking back, I guess it was the right decision. I love animals, but I a scared that I would loose the passion after a while and would start each animals as if it was nothing special.

7. Cats= Dogs

Yes, that’s correct. It’s controversial, but I cannot tell which one I prefer. I currently own 2 cats, but at some point, I want to get a dog as well.

8. I don’t like cheese

Okay, this is probably the moment where you want to send me to a psychologist. But sorry, I just don’t like the taste of most sorts, and I hate the heavy feeling in my stomach The only exception is a tiny bit of Parmeggiano every now and then. Oh, and I don’t like butter either! 😀

9. I am a natural Ginger

I get asked a lot if my hair colour is natural. YES, it is. And I know I don’t have the typical eye colour (mine are blue), nor the skin. In fact, I don’t need to be more careful than anybody else when going into the sun. In Singapore, I hardly every wore suncream.

10. I am a gymaholic.

I am so glad I went into a gym out of boredom when I first moved to Singapore. I fell in love with it instantly. Feeling your muscles working, and actually using the body for once is so much fun! Especially when you start noticing progress. Gym-time is my me-time. It’s where I can completely zone out, forget all my sorrows and just focus on the moment.

11. I am addicted to coffee

Well, at least I guess I am. I  never tried what happens if I cut it out of my diet. I just love it. I drink it black (Amerciano!) and I am so happy I finally got the chance to turn this passion into a job by becoming a barista 🙂IMG_0959.JPG

12. I am an early bird

I never get up late. I wish I could, but my body just refuses to sleep any longer than until 9 am- and even this is only possible when I went out until at least 3 am before. I don’t know why, but it’s annyoing! On the other hand, I leaves you with a whole day ahead, and you don’t “waste” half of it.

13. I grew up in a village

…And I am so glad I did! I had an amazing childhood playing in the fields, running through the forest and experiencing adventures on a daily basis before returning home in the evening, dirty, sweaty and full of scratches. I hope my children will be able to grow up in a similar area. IMG_2160.JPG

14. My favourite country is Ireland

Ever since I put my foot onto the island’s soil, I loved it. In fact, that was the reason why I went to the Isle of Wight for my High School year abroad. I though the UK was close enough 🙂 stock-photo-18276245-cliffs-of-moher1

15. I am chaotic

Well, not in the daily life- there, I am quite organised. But when it comes to long-term decisions, I never manage to make them in a normal way. Example: I chose my course of study because I missed the application deadline for the winter semester, and it was the onlly non-scientific course that started in the summer semester. Also, I decided to go to Edinburgh in October, while the application dealdine had been in May. It worked out, but I am convinced that my life would be a lot easier if I made a decision IN time for once.

16. My favourite animals are lions

After seeing them in real life right next to me in Namibia, this was clear. I cannot describe how much I admire how powerful and yet gracile they are. I could get lost in their eyes, which are so deep and warm- and yet, they are warriors, strong and tough. img_0186

17. I love the nature

As much as I appreciate the perks of living in a big city, I start missing trees and plants after only a few days. This is why my favourite place in  Singapore was a Reservoir- pretty much the only place in the entire country where you could find something you could maybe call “untouched” nature. bali-316

18. I was a cowgirl for a month

After my graduation, I went to Costa Rica to di voluntary work. After one month in a language school in the country’s capital, San José, I first went to a beach to save turtles, before starting as a cowgirl in a small village. I had the most amazing time! IMG_0538.JPG

19. I am addicted to Sushi

…And I love doing it myself! But I don’t eat it with fish, since I don’t eat any meat (and no dairy products either, for that matter).E1 031.JPG

20. I have no clue what I want to do after uni

Again, this is in line with my inability to make long-term decisions. But I just keep telling myself that I’m not the only one in this case.

21. I don’t like taking a bath.

Yup, I don’t know when I took a bath the last time. I just don’t ike it. I’d rather take a long shower. I love swimming and I used my pool in Singapore on a daily basis, but I just don’t like sitting in a tub while the water gets colder and colder.


Okay, that’s it! I hope you enjoyed this post 🙂 Let me know if you’d like more of those personal texts, or if you’d like me to stick to travel recommendations.















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