Becoming Scottish?

I realised that I am only writing about the weekend getaways I am doing, so I figured it was time for an update about what I am actually doing during the other 5 days of the week!

Of course, I do have to study from time to time. Napier University, which I am currently attending in order to get my Double Degree in International Business as well as in Business Management, has three campuses. One of them is the Craiglockhart building, where all my lectures take place. It’s located pretty much on top of a hill, offering an amazing view onto the surrounding area. When approaching it from Slateford, where I live, the building looks like an ancient college- just how you’d imagine Hogwarts to be. But don’t be fooled by that impression! The uni is extremely modern-  I still couldn’t figure out how many computer labs there actually are, for example. However, the best things is definitely the fact that there is a Starbuck inside the building, and- even better- the prices are lower than usual, clearly adapting to the student budget 🙂

e1-210Have a look at the other side of the building- it gives you a better idea of the technological standard the university maintains! In the bubble-ish part, there is only one big lecture hall, where you can also use little voting buttons- just like in quiz shows on TV!

e1-199Nevertheless, I don’t really spend a lot of time at uni- I only have 3 modules (that’s completely normal. I am a regular student in year 3, and am not considered as an exchange student, so everything I do is part of the university’s standard program), each having 2 hours of lectures and 1 hour of tutorial. Unfortunately, I don’t have the most interesting subjects, since the university messed up my program and accidentally put me into year 4. By the time we had realised the error, many modules were already full, leaving me with quite a limited choice. Nonetheless, I have one subject, Contemporary Corporate Finance, that I really enjoy 🙂
In two of my modules, there is a group project required, requiring you to submit an essay as well as to hold a presentation. In the third module, I had to write an individual essay, and all 3 modules will have an exam at the end of the semester.

As you can see, this leaves me with quite a lot of spare time, which I like to use to explore the surroundings. For example, I hiked up onto King Arthur’s Seat the other day, and even though it was horribly cold and the path was quite scary, the incredible scenery that I could see from the top was more than worth it! When in Edinburgh during a nice (!) and sunny day, make sure to get up there.

eeee-118eeee-155Also, I love going to pubs 🙂 They are a key part of the Scottish social life, and you’ll see people of any age (above 18 obviously) frequenting them. Also, they are just so unique! I have already visited traditional, old, cosy and dark pubs, such as Edinburgh’s oldest pub, the sheep in, and the second oldest pub, the Last Drop, an awesome location at the Grassmarket, where the hangmen used to go before executions.


eeee-103eeee-112s2-015On the other hand, there are modern, fancy ones looking like what we would call a bar in Germany, covering everything from a cute hipster place to a fancy underground bar with neon lights.

Yesterday, for example, we went to a Pub Quiz in a beautiful pub called “The Newsroom”. But not only the restaurant itself was amazing with the lanterns spreading their warm light into every corner, but also the quiz was awesome! It was my first time I attended such a fun game, and it will certainly not be my last! We actually won the third place- even though, I must admit, we did use the good old smartphone for some answers 😀

la-060la-063Finally, there are cool themed pubs, such as the “Frankenstein”. It’s an awesome location over several floors, constantly displaying the old movie and decorated with many items contributing to the amazing atmosphere. Also, a little show is presented every other hour, where Frankenstein awakens 🙂 Later in the evening, the tables are pushed aside, and the pub becomes a little night club- it gets really packed there because it is so popular amongst locals as well as foreigners 🙂 Moreover, for my German friends and those who like German beer: If the buzz of the Frankenstein is not exactly your cup of tea, just go down one level within the same building, and you’ll find yourself in the middle of what looks like an ancient German brewery- the creative name of that bar is “Biergarten” 🙂

E 042.JPGe-037

Also, while strolling to the streets of Edinburgh, I keep noticing all the cute and really creative signs the stores and restaurants put in front of their businesses- I started collecting pictures of my favourite ones. Below, you can find some of them, just to get an idea of how cute they are 🙂


However, since the list of attractions isn’t unlimited, I decided to do something more productive as well, and applied for several part-time jobs. Now, I am starting as a barista at Costa, a big café chain. I am so looking forward to drawing cool patterns onto the foam!
Maybe, I will also volunteer in an animal rescue program, but I will see how my job goes 🙂

Oh, and the other day, an old friend from my time at a High School in England visited me, and it was amazing to see each other again after so many years!


Finally, I have some cool trips coming up: Next weekend, I will travel to the Isle of Skye, and on the subsequent weekend, I will visit an old friend in Manchester. Of course, I will take you guys with me on those tours, so make sure to stay tuned for the upcoming posts!


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