My goals for 2017

I have never been into the whole New Year resolution-making- when you want to change something, change it now- that’s what I believe. You want to get fit? You want to learn a language? Go for a run tonight and sign up for a Spanish course right now, don’t wait for tomorrow, next week, next month or next year. If you start fixing these resolutions to a future date, I am certain that many of these goals will be postponed further and further until they have become a thing of the past.
Moreover, I find that many of the people around me set goals that are so high that they seem rather unattainable to me. It does not surprise me at all when they then fail to reach them. Don’t get me wrong! I am a great believer of the saying: “If your dreams don’t scare you, they are not big enough”. BUT at the same time, I am convinced that these dreams are to be realized one step at a time, not all at once. You do not get fit by going for a run once and you certainly do not learn a language by looking at the dictionary for a few minutes.

While I do not like to fix resolutions to the 1st of January, I still set myself goals! Without goals that you are striving to achieve, how can you possibly improve?
Coincidentally, this time, the New Year falls onto a moment where I have just finished my time in Singapore. Hence, I did reflect a lot about what I have achieved during that period, what I have learned and what I could have done better. The result were a few goals that I want to achieve in the future (and I do NOT limit this to the upcoming 12 months of 2017) as well as the way to reach them (which brings me to another point: Often, people set themselves goals but don’t waste a single thought on how to actually reach them).

First of all, I want to settle well in Edinburgh. I hope to find a cosy room in a flat with nice flatmates, and I want to choose the appropriate courses at uni and (obviously) do well. I am convinced that I will meet amazing people in Edinburgh, and I am determined to learn as much about them as I can.

Secondly, I made it a resolution to finally visit my host family and friends from my year at High School on the Isle of Wight again. Every year, I told myself to fly over again, but I only really did it once. Now where I will be living so much closer, I am determined to make this happen since I miss them awfully.

Thirdly, I want to see as much of Scotland and Wales as I can. I saved enough money so it is really just a matter of time and organising, which should not be too much of a problem.

Furthermore, I want to become a better friend; I want to stay in touch better this time, I want to be there for my friends more than I have been, and I want to tell them how much I appreciate their friendship more often. My time at home has shown me how amazing my friends are and how fortunate I am too have them- I feel truly blessed to have these people in my life, but I do not feel like I deserve them. Hence, I will make more time for them, no matter how stressful it will be. I think it will be easier this time anyway since many plan to visit me, so I get to spend a lot of quality time with them (hopefully).

Moreover, I want to become a healthier and fitter version of myself (I guess everybody says that). In detail, that means that I am planning to keep going to the gym on a regular basis as well as incorporating more runs through nature in my exercise plan. Also, this means that I am determined to eat on a more regular basis instead of just snacking my way through the day by eating loads of crap. If this means that I have to cook myself more often (which I strongly dislike), I am willing to do it.

Additionally, I am determined to make more time for my family. I feel like these 10 days in Germany were far too short to make up for the long time I had been away, and for all the important occasions I missed. I know that I will keep being the one that does not show up to family events, simply because I am not in the country. However, what I can do is writing more emails, using Skype more often and just texting a lot more regularly than I did in Singapore, thereby proving (at least) that I do care.

I think this is it for now.
We shall see how well I achieve these goals. Until then, stay tuned for more posts as I am about to start exploring my new hometown!

What are your resolutions? Or are you not a fan of setting such goals either?


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