Hello 2017, hello Edinburgh!

New year, new beginning! While I usually consider New Year’s Eve to be nothing but a regular date in the calendar, this year’s December 31st does actually mark an important milestone for me- well, almost. In fact, it is January 2nd that marks it: The start of my year in Edinburgh!

On this day, I am flying from Germany to Scotland to study at Napier University for the coming two semesters. While my course of study normally only requires one exchange semester, it also offers the amazing opportunity for a small amount of students to acquire two Bachelor’s degrees simultaneously by swapping one semester in Germany for a second semester at the partner university. This program is  the reason I chose Edinburgh as my home for the next year, since it is only available there and in Haaga Helia, which is somewhere in the far North of Europe. Naturally, having loved my stay in England during the 11th grade of High School, it was pretty easy for me to decide which uni I would go to- plus, who doesn’t love the cool pubs the UK has to offer?

Yes, you might argue that, as I have already lived in the UK before, going to Haaga Helia would have been more exotic and more of a new experience. While this is certainly a valid point, I must admit that, after having returned from Asia just 10 days ago, I really wanted to have some time in more familiar surroundings. Also, I like the fact that Edinburgh is so close to Germany. In case somethign urgent occurs at home, I can easily catch the next plane and  be there within a few hours- something that was not possible while I was in Asia. Moreover, I have to say  that I am not a huge fan of the cold weather that prevails in Northern Europe, especially since I am still used tot he 30 degrees in Singapore 🙂
I am beyond excited to move to Scotland now! Believe it or not, even though I stayed in England for almost a year, I actually never made it to Scotland- it is about time to change that! Also, I now already that I absolutely love the British culture and lifestyle, and I am sure that I will equally like the Scottish mentality. I cannot wait to see what uni has in store for me either. This will be the first time I get to choose the courses I take myself (yes, I know that most unis in Germany make yoou choose everything independently, but mine doesn’t), and  I am still undecided which ones to take, since the choice is so overwhelming and so many things seem highly interesting!
I cannot wait to meet the people there either- having worked for the past 6 months, I was usually the youngest amongst my colleagues. While I certainly had a blast, I am sure that it will be a nice change to spend time with people from a similar background and of a similar age to mine 🙂
The only thing that does worry me a little is the fact that I still need to figure out where I will live. For now, I booked an Airbnb which at least prevents me from sleeping on the streets for the next two weeks:) Until then, I hope I will find a place to stay- hopefully a shared flat with some other students. However, I am not too anxious since I also went to SIngapore without having a place to stay, and I was totally fine. So why shoudn’t it be the same in  Edinburgh?

Anyway, I have a plane to catch! I wish all of you an amazing 2017! All the best 🙂


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