Short Getaways from Singapore #2

Welcome back 🙂

After having covered the weekend destinations in Singapore itself and Indonesia already (if you haven’t read  it yet, check out the previous post), I will dedicate this post to those located in Malaysia.

1. Kuala Lumpur

sinapur-436I have been here so many times, I honestly lost count of it. However, I have never been there fore the sole purpose of travelling. I always went there for business reasons, since the company I worked for has a subsidiary in Malaysia’s capital. Nevertheless, I sometimes extended my stay when there was a weekend following up, hence I fortunately got the chance to explore the city and its surroundings quite extensively 🙂
First of all, this city is amazing for partying! Especially when coming from Singapore, you will love the cheap prices (alcohol in Singapore is crazily expensive, you might have to pay around 10 SGD for a can of beer that doesn’t even taste that good), the free entry to many clubs and just the fact that there are so many more  options to choose from!
sinapur 522.JPGSecondly, the food is great- and cheap! But that applies to Malaysia in general, so wherever you go, try out as  much as your stomach allows you to fit in:)
Moreover, there are a few nice shopping malls that are worth a visit if you feel like you need to satisfy your consumer heart.
Naturally, there are also many tourist attractions that are worth visiting! The Petronas Twin Towers (named after the biggest fuel company in Indonesia and Malaysia) always make up for a nice picture at night. They are located right next to the KLCC park, which is nice for a little stroll.

sinapur 677.JPGAlso, there are many temples, especially in  and around Chinatown, and they are definitely worth a go- I just find those halls of asian/ oriental religion so fascinating, no matter how many of them I have already seen! Chinatown itself is also quite nice- I definitely prefer it over the one in Singapore!

singapur 1 668.JPG

Furthermore, there are some caves you should really visit, and a Bird Park, which is (in my opinion) not as nice as the one in Singapore, but definitely also a nice place to spend your time.  These two attractions are located in the outer skirts of the city, so make sure to plan in some travelling time.


Also, due to its location in the centre of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur is the ideal place to do day trips from. For example, I once visited a cool waterfall just an hour drive away from the capital.

2. Johor Baru

img_4702This coastal town located right at the border to Singapore is highly popular among Sinagporeans. The reasons are pretty obvious: Cheap food, cheap shops, close to Singapore. Hence, I didn’t come around going there at least once. And yes,  I can confirm: The prices are cheaper  than in Singapore and the food is definitely delicious. However, I think this place is overrated. The shops aren’t that great, and to be honest, I believe that the prices have already adjusted significantly to Singaporean standards, and hence, one could easily find the same items for a lot less somewhere else in Malaysia. Nevertheless, if you are seeking a destination with short travelling time whithout the need of spending a lot of money, this is your place to go- and after all, it is always nice to explore new places! Make sure to not cross the border during peak hours (morning and evening), since the security check is quite extensive, and may take ages when it’s crowded.

3. Malacca

img_4757img_4750This town located in the Southern region is quite historical- make sure to read its history before going there, it puts everything into an entirely different perspective! To make it short and simple: It used to be under many different cultural influences in the course of the centuries, such as the Chinese, the Portuguese and the Dutch.
Nowadays, it is a great weekend getaway which has a lot to offer. However, I only stayed there one night since  we did a roadtrip through the entire Southern part of the Malaysian peninsula. But I can definitely say: Make sure to check out the night market! There are a lot of cool artists and other events going on, and you can find a lot of cute souvenirs and fancy food to try out 🙂

4. The Cameron Highlands


This region near the city Perak is amazing! I have only been there for a day, but make sure to go there. It is incredibly peaceful, and the nature is absolutely stunning! It is a great way to forget the buzz in Singapore for a while.


5. Tioman Island

bali-303I will keep this short now, since the post starts to get very long again. However, this island is definitely worth a visit! The only thing you need to consider when planning your trip: How do you get there? Firstly, you need to find a way to get to the East coast of Malaysia. We rented a car, but it was quite an effort to find one. Secondly, the ferry to the island doesn’t depart too often, so make sure you check the schedule before starting your trip! Furthermore, I recommend starting your trip as early as possible, since the travelling does take a fair bit of time. We actually started driving to the coast in the very early morning hours on a Saturday and drove back on Monday night (You see, we had an extended weekend, since Monday was a public holiday. Hence, I do suggest saving this destination for a time where you have more than two days, since otherwise, you won’t have much time to actually enjoy the island). The picture  does not really do justice, but I unfortunately don’t have any better once since it was constantly clouded during my stay there. Again, when you prefer a bit of doing nothing, the beaches at Tioman are ideal for this. However, for people like me, who prefer being a bit more active, there are many cool hikes through the island’s jungle, and you can visit numerous nice waterfalls. We had a great time there:)

That’s it for now, but there are naturally many more  things to see in Malaysia- I just didn’t have more  opportunities to do so. Please let me know how you found those places when you have been there, and also make sure to tell me about other places you recommend going to in Malaysia 🙂




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