When in Singapore #2

Hello again 🙂 Even though I covered quite a few cool places to hang out at when in the Garden City, there are so many more to go! The first one can is where the title image was taken. It’s the shopping mall next to the National Theatre, called the Esplanade. Everybody keeps telling you to pay the entry to go up onto the panorama platform of the Maria Bay Sands hotel-while it’s certainly a stunning panorama, the view the rooftop of the shopping mall offers is also pretty nice- and it’s free! Plus, there is an ope air stage very close to it, where free concerts are held every weekend, so you can enjoy nice music and the view at the same time. This place is quite unknown- it was actually a local who showed it to me 🙂 Anyway, let’s get into the second part of my actual list:

1. Buddhist and Hindu Temples

I don’t want to specify which one to visit exactly, since there are so many all around the city, so make sure to always watch out for hidden gems! However, some of my favourite Hindu temples are to be found near Little India on Serangoon Road, such as the Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple. Also, there is a beautiful Buddhist temple at the entry to Chinatown. Make sure to spend some time in the temples, since thereby, you can observe the rituals of the locals- it’s absolutely fascinating and opens an entirely new world. Also, the locals are by no means unwilling to explain their beliefs and traditions! In fact, some of them are very keen on spreading their knowledge, and it’s really interesting to listen to their stories. For example, I learned that Hindus ring a little bell when exiting the temple in order to attract good luck and protect themselves against bad things. However, taking pictures is usually only allowed in exchange for a little fee- and also, take off your shoes before entering any of these holy places!

2. Little India

Even though I mentioned this area briefly already, I want to dedicate an own short paragraph to it. When entering this area, it feels as if one had just entered another country! The roads are full of stores and stands selling typical Indian spices, herbs, fruits and vegetables, and the smell is just overwhelming. I imagine it to be exactly like this in India- maybe not as clean and organised though. When you want to experience more than one culture without travelling a lot, Singapore is the best place to go, and this area just proves this. Try to come at a time where the local market is on- there, you will find even more exotic things to please your taste buds 🙂singapur 1 183.JPG

3. Sentosa Island

This island, located just a few meters away from the main island, is probably one of the weekend destinations which are  the most popular amongst locals. To be honest, it is certainly not my favourite place to go though, due to the highly touristic and busy atmosphere, all the commercial buzz  and the fact that swimming in a part of the ocean where huge container ships are just 100 meters away just doesn’t seem very appealing to me. However, this is definitely a nice place to visit when you are searching for some more entertainment. The island offers a lot of beautiful fancy resorts and hotels, and also, there are many (pretty Western) tourist attractions where you can spend your day: For example, there is a branch of the Universal Studios, a Trick Eye Museum, an Aquarium, a butterfly park and a cable car. Of course, there are  countless restaurants as well ensuring that you will not starve while on the island 🙂 I personally really liked the butterfly park and the Aquarium, however, I wouldn’t rate them as must-sees when in Singapore. Nevertheless, relaxing at one of the beautiful beaches is lovely, especially on days where it is not that busy! sin-514

3. Shopping

This is one of the favourite activities of the Sinporeans- hence, there are shopping malls everywhere, and you can find anything your heart desires. When you feel like you’ve been outdoors in the humid heat long enough, it’s always a good idea to visit one of these refreshing places with aircon and treat yourself a little 🙂

When you are looking for international brands or luxury items, Orchard Road is the place to go! Furthermore, there is always a lot of season- adjusted decoration on the facades of the countless shopping malls, which is really beautiful. Look at these Christmas-themed ones for example!

Other good shopping malls include Bugis Junction, 112 Katong and Marine Parade.
My personal favourite, however, is Changi City Point, an outlet mall in t he very East of the island, accommodating many awesome sports brands. If you are lucky, you can make amazing deals at this mall. For example, I once seized the opportunity of a 30% off at the entire Nike store to purchase two pairs of pretty nice trainers.

4. When you feel like walking…

Then make sure to check out one of the following places! I love being outdoors and on the go, so I believe I can give quite good suggestions. I already mentioned McRitchie in my previous post, but there are many more nice places to go ti!

1. Southern Ridges

This is a path connecting several smaller parks and bridges in the South of the island. It’s not very long, but it offers some beautiful views and amazing hidden places!


Especially the Henderson Waves Bridge is absolutely stunning in the sunset!

2. Tanjong Rhu Promenade and East Coast Park

Tanjong Rhu Promenade  connects they Geylang Park Connector with the East Coast Park, a long stripe of green at the East coast of the island. It follows the flow of Geylang River, offering a nice view and almost always also a nice refreshing breeze 🙂 I loved walking this due to the fact that it started right at my doorstep, but it is definitely worth to visit it as well- especially the view onto the National Stadium during the sunrise is amazing!jjj 334.JPG

The East Cost Park itself is beautiful as well. You can enjoy a nice stroll along the coast, feeling the fresh ocean breeze on your face and, if you feel like it, relax at the beach or grab something to eat at one of the numerous restaurants. Also, there are many shops where you can rent bikes, so if you feel like it, you may even do something for your fitness:)singapur 005.JPG

3. The Botanic Gardens

This worldwide renowned place is amazing for a nice lazy Sunday in beautiful surroundings. There is also a huge meadow in the middle of the park with a big open air stage where there are concerts being held on a regular basis 🙂 Make sure to check the schedule, since the atmosphere is beautiful! Also, there is the Orchid Park, where Orchid hybrids have been created that are unique in the entire world. While I am not exactly passionate about gardening and flowers, I must say that these creations are absolutely beautiful, and I highly recommend giving it a try 🙂singapur 3 177.JPG

4. Home, Sweet Home

Sorry guys, but my last point on the list is the rooftop pool at my condominium. It offers a beautiful view during the sunset, and for some reason no one ever uses it, so I love going there after a long day at work to relax in the whirlpool or swim a bit 🙂

sin 388.JPG

Ok, that’s it for now!

Let me know if you still need more  ideas to spend your time in Singapore- believe me, this island never gets boring:)


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